Hi, I’m Holly Rae Taylor, owner and operator of Maven Compost Bins. I designed these bins so that you can compost everything, including meat, bones, dairy–everything! Some people think you can’t compost those things. If you have a compost bin that is open to animals, then they are right! But as long as you have a bin that keeps out the critters, then you can compost all of it.

I make my bins with Eastern White Cedar because it is naturally rot-resistant and strong. It is sustainably harvested in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and then milled at Goodridge Lumber by Colleen Goodridge and her sons.

I build the bins in my woodshop/art studio in Richmond, Vermont. Each bin is handcrafted to last several, if not many, years.

My motto: Everything that was once alive or from something alive (like milk) can and should be composted. I’m proud to say that these bins make that possible.