Maven Compost Bins are hand-crafted by a compost expert in the hills of Vermont.

Beautiful and built to last, with zero plastic. Individually handcrafted with sturdy, sustainably harvested, rot-resistant Eastern White Cedar and galvanized metal screen. Will last for years!

Animal resistant.  Compost any and all food scraps like veggies, meat, bones, dairy, and oils! Create your own black gold: nutrient–rich compost for your garden!

You’re not alone. Your purchase comes with free composting instructions and expert customer support from Maven Compost.

Each bin is fully assembled before shipping to ensure quality, then disassembled for shipping into an easy to assemble kit, consisting of the six panels.



SMALL (26″ x 26″ x 26″) – $375


Still large when compared with most other composters on the market, Maven Compost’s “Small” offering has a 10 cubic feet capacity and will get you started on your composting journey quickly and with a smaller footprint!



MEDIUM (36″x26″x26″) – $445
FREE SHIPPINGcomplete_composter_medium

A hefty 14 cubic feet capacity is great for composting kitchen scraps and yard work!



LARGE (36″x36″x36″) – $495
FREE SHIPPINGcomplete_composter_largeOur massive Large offering packs in 27 cubic feet of compost! This is perfect for a bigger family or an organization like a school or business! Hinged top for easy loading. Front panel removes easily for easy turning or compost removal.


More reasons to love Maven Compost Bins:

Great for the environment.  Reduces greenhouse gas production and improves soil.

Designed with you in mind. Maven Compost Bins are a beautiful addition to your yard. No more ugly plastic! They’re also super easy to load with a hinged top. The front comes off quickly with simple hooks for turning or removal of finished compost.

Keep the critters out! Maven Compost Bins are animal resistant. As long as pests can’t get into your compost and you are covering your scraps with leaves or sawdust, you can compost any and all food scraps like veggies, meat, bones, dairy, and oils.

Black gold. You will make world class garden compost in your Maven Compost Bin.

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